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Quick Mass vs Isoflex

Posted by: Ahmed


I am a high school athlete and i want to start using Quick Mass. I have been using IsoFlex for the past two years and have had a great experience with it.

My question is how should i take Quick Mass. At school we work out every morning of the weekday and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school. I used to take Iso Flex after every one of those workouts. So now that i want to incorporate Quick Mass into the mix when should i take it and in what quantity should i take it in. For example taking Iso flex in the morning workout and Quick Mass in the after school workout *(Can you please add in the quantity i should take" I am a 5'10 175 pound 16 year old) * Another thing that I hope you could answer is that is it safe for me take Creatine. If so what is the best method and quantity to incorporate that into my workout.

Thank you


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