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HIT vs Periodization

Posted by: Florin

How somebody could train with highest intensity all the time for years without overtraining or without overuse of the CNS? I used to be a weight lifter before being a bodybuilder and I remember how exhausted I was after each contest, not so much physically as mentally. In the eighties, I tried Mike Mentzer's system because it was en vogue, but it did not work more than three-four weeks. After that, the overtraining installed each time. I do not know somebody who claims that HIT system (or Heavy Duty) is the best to tell how much steroids and amphetamine he took to sustain his workouts physically and his central nervous system.

So, my opinion is that periodization (see Medveev, Tudor Bompa) is the best system to workout without overtraining and overusing the connective tissues and so on.

Please receive my best regards,


Re: HIT vs Periodization

Posted by: Lester

You are exactly right which is why our new HITMan High Intensity Training Program has periods of all out training followed by periods of less intense training.

Check it out at HITMan Workout Manual

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