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Arnold Schwarzenegger
was not the best bodybuilder ever

Posted by: Jeff

I always thought Sergio Oliva was better than the over-rated Arnold, anyway. Hell, Frank Zane beat Arnold, too and Mike Mentzer was built way better. I'm sick of hearing the myth that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the greatest. That's BS! His legs weren't much and his chest was way too heavy. As for arms, Larry Scott's were the best in my opinion. Perfectly formed. Of course, my favorite of all bodybuilders was the incomparable John Grimek. At his peak, when he won the Mr. USA in 1949 he was, to me, the most perfectly-proportioned human that ever lived. No, he didn't have 23 inch arms, over-developed pecs, bloated thighs, striations or cuts, but what he had was a body that cried out power and proportion. I really don't like huge arms, chests or thighs and i definitely detest cuts and striations- that "ripped" look. I find it repulsive. Give me Steve Reeves, Larry Scott, Sergio, Grimek, Bill Pearl, Reg Park, George Eifferman, Mike Mentzer, Don Howorth- any of these guys in my opinion are better, by far, than today's bloated, drugged up idiots with their distended waists, who don't walk, but, instead waddle, they're so huge. They look horrible! To me, Arnold is the bodybuilding equivalent of Muhammed Ali. Pure hype. Sadly, when people hear time and time again that so-and-so was "the greatest" they begin to believe it. Unfortunately, they don't take the time to study the past to see who came before and the records of certain athletes. They just believe the hype. If you look at the photos from the Mr. Universe contest when Bill Pearl won the Professional and Arnold won the Amateur, where they're standing side-by-side, there is absolutely no comparison between the two. Pearl had him beat by a mile and would have at any time in Arnold's career. As for Ali, put him in the ring with Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis or Rocky Marciano and let's see how "great" he really is! Anyway, Oliver, sorry for the rant, but, anytime I hear Arnold's name I get furious. Enough with that stupid myth that he was the greatest no matter how many times he won Mr. this or that. As it stands to this day, the only bodybuilder who never was defeated was the incomparable John Grimek.

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