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Free Form Amino Acids

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What are Free Form Amino Acids

All protein is created from amino acids, molecular structures that together constitute protein when put together. Muscle, tissue, and anything made from protein is ultimately made from these biochemical building blocks. These molecules are relatively larger than other molecules like water, but are still so small we humans cannot see them directly in any way. Each amino contains a nitrogen atom and an R group, which determines the properties of that amino acid. Free form amino acids are single molecules, that are not attached by peptide bonds to any other amino acids.

Free Form Amino Acids vs Protein Powder

The debate between free form amino acids and protein powder is more of one of preference, but for some can be a huge deciding factor. The ultimate truth is that both are essentially the same, because protein powder is also made up of amino acids. However, there are two reasons why free form amino acids are much better than protein powder for dietary needs.

First, free form amino acids are hypoallergenic, meaning that free form amino acids will not cause an allergic reaction. This is perhaps the biggest reason why free form amino acids prevail over protein powder. Some people may be allergic to an allergen in protein powder, because a protein chain or carbohydrate chain in the protein powder may cause an allergic reaction in some people. This is very uncommon, but can happen in some people with some nasty effects.

Second, free form amino acids are digested easier and are more efficient in processing. Protein powder is made up of chains of amino acids, and your body has to break these chains down into their core amino acid components in order for it to be used in the body. This alone takes energy and time to digest; hence, when you eat carbohydrates versus protein, this is why you feel fuller longer when you eat protein compared to carbohydrates. However, the body cannot process extra amino acids that aren't needed at the time of digestion. This leads to inefficiencies in absorbing the amino acids. Free form amino acids are much easier absorbed, so they can be taken to exactly match the body's hourly needs for amino acids.

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Free Form Amino Acids

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