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Guide to weight loss
Secrets for weight loss

Drink plenty of Fluids

Take AT LEAST 2 liters of water/fluids a day.  The body needs fluid to effectively transport fat from storage to be used as a fuel source, as well as to process protein.  While initially this may increase your weight slightly, the long term health benefits and subsequent weight loss will make up for it.  DON’T drink cordials or soft drinks as these are a 10% sugar solution (1l = 100 grams of sugar)

Count Calories  BUT!…

Although calories are important… a calorie is only a measure of heat given from food when burned in a chamber and DO NOT reflect how the body uses different types of food.  While a gram of fat is only twice the calories of Carbs or proteins it is stored as fat in the body almost 20 times easier than either carbs or proteins.  It is important to find out how much energy you really need and then work out from your food, just how much energy you really eat.

Eat smaller meals more often

Eating three or less meals a day STORES  FAT!!  By eating smaller meals 5-6 times a day, your body will increase its metabolism (energy burning - which allows your to burn more fat as a fuel source during the day), and decrease insulin spikes (see next point).

Cut back of Fats and Carbohydrates

The body releases insulin to store excess energy (food) as fat.  The more quantity you eat (3 meals a day) the more excess energy is available to be stored.  Also, Insulin is released to reduce blood sugar levels (this is why soft drinks are bad) - AND blood sugar levels come from Carbohydrates!.  By reducing the amount of Carbs in your diet, you reduce the levels of blood sugar … which in turn reduces the bodies fat storage system.  Therefore increase your protein intake so that much of your daily energy needs come from protein

Increase Physical Exercise

While much weight can be lost by cutting back the calories, permanent weight loss is a lifestyle not a diet.  Exercise, whether it is gym based, sports based or simply walking for 20 mins a day burns more energy and again increases your metabolic rate (energy burning).  For example, walking 3 hrs a week (4mph) will burn over 2967 Calories a month or 300 grams of fat.  The longer and more intense the exercise. the more fat burnt. Find ways to increase your energy output
Whether it is exercising, putting out the washing instead of using a drier or walking to the shops instead of driving

Take Supplements!

There is a myth that a balanced diet will provide you with all the nutrients you need.  HOWEVER, no one eats a balanced diet now days .. more-over the quality of soils means that many of the nutrients in foods is sadly lacking.  The body needs nutrient’s to operate properly and often a multivitamin tablet can provide what is missing.  In addition, supplements offer a complete food in a convenient package.  There are supplements that are especially designed to increase the body’s ability to burn fat as a fuel

Stay Motivated  -  One slip up is not failure!!

Keep yourself focused on the goal.  Train with others, use friends to encourage you,  get a personal trainer also read the book Dianetics to learn how to keep your sub-conscious mind from working against you.  In addition, weight gain and loss is a process, just because you deviate from your plan or program once or twice does not mean you have failed.  Keep going…. Not matter how many bits of naughty foods you may indulge in once and a while

Exercise in the mornings before eating

When you wake up in the morning your body is in starvation mode.  By going for your walk or exercising at this time you are burning up to 200% more fat than you would if you had just eaten and provided your body with Carbohydrates to use as a fuel source.
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Free Weight Loss Guide Online

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