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Bodybuilding With Free Weights

Try this advanced 4 Day per week free weights workout exercise routine.

Chest (Day 1)

Bench Press or Dumbell Press
Incline Press or Dumbell Press
Dumbell Flyes

Triceps (Day 1)

Lying Triceps Extensions
Overhead Triceps Extensions
Triceps kickbacks

Back (Day 2)

Chin Ups
Barbell Row
One Arm Dumbell Row on Bench

Biceps (Day 2)

Preacher Curl Barbell or Dumbell
Alternate Dumbell Curls

Shoulders (Day 3)

Seated Shoulder Press
Standing Side Laterals
Seated Bent Lateral Raises
Medium Width Upright Row

Calves (Day 3)

Seated Calf Raise
Standing Calf Raise

Legs (Day 4)

Leg Press
Stiff Leg Dead Press
Leg Curls
Leg Extensions

Abdominals (Day 1 & 3)

Abdominal Crunches
Side Twist abdominal Crunch


-Do a 5-10 minute warmup
-For muscle building do 8-10 reps
-Do 3 to 4 reps
-Always take small drinks of water during workout
-Get at least 8 hours of sleep for proper recuperation

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