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L-Glutamine For Bodybuilding

Glutamine Review - This supplement is an amino acid which is essential to bodybuilders. Glutamine works as a nitrogen transporter to get more into your muscle cells. The main reason to take glutamine is the following:

Within a week of glutamine supplementation your muscles become visably larger since you have an increase in the amount of water driven into the muscle cells similar to the effects that creatine give. This effect is known as "cell volumization." Some of the good side effects of glutamine is that it helps the immune system by producing more white blood cells.

To take glutamine you should injest it with some sort of high glycemic meal after your workouts. To achieve the best effects, you should take 16 grams of glutamine with your post workout carb meal or drink. For an even greater effect, you can take another 16 grams 90 minutes after the first dose. There is no need to cycle glutamine either. It's benefits like creatine will remain as long as you continue to use the supplement. No significant side effects have been reported in glutamine studies.

I highly recommend glutamine supplementation. It gives very quick results similar to creatine and is very cost effective as well. You must mix it in something other than water though because it isn't water soluble at all and tastes bad like that anyway.

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