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Grow Taller After 30

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Is it possible to grow taller after 30?

Most people want to be tall. Being tall makes us feel strong, powerful and beautiful. Studies have even shown that both sexes are attracted to tall people and that they have better sex and longer relationships.

Surgery has proven to be the most effective but it is also the most severe way to get taller.

However, just as with any other type of procedure there are certain risks and complications that could arise as a result of this surgery.Surgery has proven to be the most effective but it is also the most severe way to get taller.

During the surgery you'll be completely out but afterwards is when the real pain begins. Most people describe the feeling as being the worst pain they've ever felt in their life and they need to stay in bed for ? few weeks to heal. People wanting to have height increase surgery should first put ? lot of thought into just why exactly they want to go through with it and whether they think all of this is worth it.

Also these surgeries cost round $200,000 so you're going to need to make sure this is something you can afford before thinking about\ it too seriously. These surgeries are usually not covered by health insurance.

So what other alternatives are there besides surgery?

Many people even after the age of 30 have had success with exercises, stretches, getting 8 to 10 hours sleep every day, using vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements, etc. Calcium is a widely accepted supplement for bone growth and there are also other known vitamins such as vitamin A, D, and E that may help someone to grow taller.

Also Human Growth Hormone or HGH that is prescribed from a doctor or supplements that help you body release more of it own natural Growth Hormone could be helpful.

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Grow Taller After 30

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