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Growthlog Diet and Training Logs Software Review

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X-Size Bodybuilding Software


Program Description:

Growthlog is the most advanced online diet and training journal logging system specifically for weight-trainers in the world.

Growthlog has been designed to enable you the bodybuilder, powerlifter, weight-trainer - anyone who trains with weights - to note down with the greatest amount of detail and accuracy each meal and weight training session you have.

It gives you the power to see exactly what you had a week ago or a year ago; it allows you to make the most comprehensive notes on your weight training sessions, even down to the number of forced reps you might do in any particular set and even write notes about each set if you so wish.

As growthlog is online you can take advantage of this and share your data with others - never before has it been possible to provide such accurate and up-to-date to your advisors or friends before. Hence the advice you receive will most likely be far more beneficial.

Most of all, Growthlog helps you analyse your diet and your training and thus helps you improve your weight-training results.

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