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Hardgainer Magazine

The Hardgainer Magazine was initially a bi-monthly publication the debuted with the July-August 1989 issue. But in 2004, the magazine announced that it would arrive quarterly. However, the magazine published it's last issue on April-June, 2004, after ringing out just two quarterly issues. All-in-all, the Hardgainer Magazine produced 89 issues. The Magazine provides information assisting those who find adding muscle mass a challenge.

Hardgainer Review

The publisher and editor of Hardgainer Magazine, Stuart McRobert, started the operation in 1989 operating under the name of CS Publishing. You will find weight-training info and advise for for people who have difficulty in gaining muscle mass weight. You will also find an abundant source of hard-nose training advice. Unlike most other bodybuilding & fitness magazines, which say if you use the training schedule of Jay Cutler you will look like Jay, the publisher features routines for the average guy and gal. Many different writer's have submited articles in the course of 15 years, but the approach has never waivered. All of the information always stresses the basic muscle-building exercises like the squat, deadlift, and bench press. Stuart McRobert made Hardgainer Magazine stand out from the crowd, and after 15 years, is stiff the popular magazine that offers trustworthy information, and encourages the basic, proven, muscle-building movements that have stood the test of time.

Hardgainer Back Issues

The Hardgainer Magazine collection is still very much one of the most popular weight lifting and bodybuilding magazines, and many people collect this publication. If you're having a hard time finding Hardgainer Magazine back issues, we have them available on our web site. Get your Hardgainer Magazine back issues while they are still available - quantities are limited! Go to Hardgainer Magazine Back Issues.

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