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Hemp Protein Powder Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets

Is hemp protein good for bodybuilding?

You may not be aware of the fact that whey and soy protein powder are not whole foods as they are both highly processed isolates that have had the other nutrients that they contain removed in order to boost the protein concentration and are therefore acid-forming foods.

However if you are looking for a very good quality protein that comes in a natural and unprocessed form that does not have any added chemicals then you should take a look at hemp protein. Below is a brief list of the advantages that you get when you take hemp protein.

High source of Protein with 47% Protein
Contains all 20 Amino Acids
Contains all 10 Essential Amino Acids
Naturally Rich in Omega 3 (with SDA)
Good Fibre Content
Free from Gluten, Dairy, Lactose & Soya, GMO, Hexane
Free from Pesticides and Herbicides, Additives and Preservatives
100% Plant Based Protein

As you can see there are a few additional advantages that you get from taking a hemp protein. If you are a vegan or a vegetarian then taking this hemp protein is a must in order to increase your protein intake and get the best rewards from your exercise that you do.

There is no doubt about it that taking any type of hemp protein will enable a detoxification of your liver and your whole body. This will ensure that you not only get the benefit of a good quality protein but that you will be able to also increase the benefits that you get from exercising.

Whether you use the vanilla or strawberry flavored hemp protein powder that is available you will certainly be pleasantly surprised at the taste. If there is any drawback or disadvantage of taking this hemp protein is must be the cost as compared to all the other types of very high quality protein that you can get it will cost more.

With all that said, I still feel that the best protein supplement for bodybuilding is Nitrobol protein.

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