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HMB Review

Beta-hydroxy-Beta-methylbutyrate, better known as HMB is a relatively new bodybuilding supplement that is supposed to work by blocking the breakdown of muscle. It is supposed to achieve this effect by keeping protein from breaking down and preserving more for the muscles to use. If it worked like this you could work out more which would cause a greater anabolic effect from the exercise. This all means that HMB will have a rather high anti-catabolic side effect. This means it will keep you from breaking down as much muscle.

It is supposed to enhance and increase muscle function and body composition in response to high intensity resistance exercise. All this and it is supposed to happen regardless of your training level.

The recommended dosage on this product is to take 4 capsules, 3 times per day with meals. The capsules come in either 60 or 120 per bottles which means you either get 5 or 10 days worth of the supplement for your money, depending on what size bottle you buy. This stuff ain't cheap either. The last time I was at GNC it was between $45 and $90 per bottle depending on what size you bought.

HMB Side Effects - To date, studies have not shown any adverse side effects in humans from the usage of HMB. However, studies that involved human subjects were short term. More research needs to be conducted to investigate any possible side effects from long term usage. Also, pregnant and lactating women are strongly advised to refrain from using HMB since no investigations have been done concerning possible side effects on these women.

My recommendation is the following. Don't waste your money. I have used this supplement as recommended and even doubled the dosage to see if I could tell anything and guess what? I didn't get anything out of it. If it did do anything at all, it's effects were so minimal that I couldn't justify the price. Other supplements such as Creatine and Andro give more bang for the buck in my opinion. .

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