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How To Lose Holiday Weight Gain

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Getting Your Weight Loss Program Back on Track After the Holidays

Holidays are a time for togetherness, good cheer, and good food.  It seems like gaining a few pounds has become a national pastime for most people in our society.  The holiday season can also bring on added feelings of stress and guilt for those who want to lose weight and may now be questioning their ability. The secret to keeping motivated and continuing to lose weight is to simply dust yourself off and keep going.

You can use your experiences over the past few weeks to do a bit of a self assessment of yourself.  Remember: You can't change the past, so don't even bother trying.  It's much better to modify your behaviour develop good habits that will stay with you and that is what you need to focus on.  Most things in life are based on habits.  By practicing new habits over and over again, you will soon replace the old, destructive habit with a better one that will build your confidence and start the weight loss process.

It is unfortunate, but one of the most popular ways for people to deal with stress is by eating.  With the added stress of the season, along with many high fat foods, there is potential for gaining weight.  This years holiday season has passed, but you can use the upcoming year to help prepare you for next year.  How? By learning other ways to react to stress and practicing them until they become a habit.  One of the best stress busters is walking.  That's it.  Just try to condition yourself to go for a quick 5 minute walk whenever you feel stressed out.  If you can't immediately go for a walk, stand up, or stretch a little.

Another habit that you need to modify is the "Just one" complex.  We've all said it before, "Oh, I'll just have one."  It's amazing how often one turns into two, and so on.  Having one treat is good for your, because you need to enjoy life.  Having five or six treats is probably not a healthy habit and should be worked on.

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