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How Hard Should You Workout?

By Oliver Wolter

A lot of people are stuck with the idea, that they have to train endless hours to get a few pounds of muscle growth.

You'll find them repeating the same workout cycle week after week, month after month and even year after year without any results worth mentioning.

Because muscle building does not work that way!

With only 15 minutes of concentrated training you'll get better results than with 4 weeks of working out like that.

For example take Raphael. He bought The X-Size Program not long ago.

At first Raphael complained, something was wrong with the software, the training units were too short and he prefers to train with conventional sets and so on...

My answer was very short, at first he should test one training unit exactly as given in the description before he tries to start arguing with me.

Five weeks later he told me about his sensational improvements.

The problem is, a lot of people think that a training unit needs to have a certain feeling.

There are ideas of endless torture in a lot of people's heads who aggravate themselves to reach their goals.

They think a good training must be some kind of selfdestructive work and after "A GREAT WORKOUT!" you feel like you are about to die.

But to their surprise they don't get any significant results with a workout like this.

Because the truth about a perfect workout is different:

During your training you pump up muscle by muscle. Finish your training after 15-20 minutes and go home with new energy and motivation and a positive hormone level!

You feel pumped up with positive energy and you get enthusiastic when you look in the mirror. Your motivation shoots through the roof and the hardest part is to wait for your next workout.

That's the Winner feeling that gives you Champion results.

X-Size does automatically finds the right workout for activating maximum muscle growth. Just about 15-20 minutes each workout which skyrocket your positive hormone levels.

Just follow the custom tailored training plans and watch the rapid growth of your muscles.

You will find everything you need by clicking on the following link: X-Size Bodybuilding Software

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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