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How To Get A Massive Chest

By Oliver Wolter

Have you ever asked yourself how to get a massive chest?

Then you are not alone, just a few days ago I have received an E-mail from Ramon:

My dear Mr. Wolter,

I would like to ask you, if it's possible to get a massive chest by using deep breathing pullovers, if ONLY the pec and back muscles are responsible for a bigger chest?...


Here is my answer:

Dear Ramon,

There are some contradicting theories about it, if it's possible by using deep breathing pullovers to enlarge your chest or not.

Some people say, that's not possible at all, other people say, only until you are not fully grown yet, it's possible to enlarge your chest.

About 20 years ago when I was a teenager, I've done a lot of deep breathing and also heavy dumbell pullovers just because I wanted an impressive chest. And my chest really grew a little bit during this time.

However what really gave me a massive chest many years later were the massive gains in my pec and back muscles I was getting through my X-Size Bodybuilding Software .

Before discovering X-Size, I especially had trouble to develop my pec muscles. I strongly remember this first X-Size workout where I used the first time pre-exhaustion of the shoulders in combination with the slow X-Size movements.


I was running through the gym - laughing like I was nuts - starring in every mirror - because I really couldn't believe what I was seeing.

From then on - this Pump repeated in each and every workout and my pecs as well as my whole chest really started to grow fast.

To your success!


Oliver Wolter is a world renowed fitness and bodybuilding expert. He is the creator of X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

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