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Learn how to get abs...

"The Only Ab Workout and Diet
For a Six Pack You Will Ever Need!"

"How do I get rid of my love handles?"

"I wish I could just lose the fat on my abs"

"What should I eat?"

Does this sound like you my friend, if it is then you have found the only place on the web to finally know how to get and show off a nice firm midsection. You will be able to finally get rid of the horrible fat that surrounds your waist which you have been plagued with.

You will also be able to get rid of the unsightly fat that bulges in front of you and lowers your self esteem. The benefits of having a nice flat midsection are: confidence in doing physical actions such as running, climbing, etc., you fit in clothes better, you do not feel sluggish anymore, you free your mind to concentrate on other things and not worry anymore about the spare tire that is attached to your waist or any other fat on your body, and last but not least it drastically lowers your risk of illness's such as diabetes and heart disease.

As a natural bodybuilder for the last 30 yrs the number one thing that sticks in my mind about having a flat firm waistline is being careful not to stretch the stomach and eventually stretching the abdominal wall by overeating. This is by far one of the dominant reasons why we continue to add pounds of fat around our midsections. Let me introduce to you a system that will change the way you train and the way you nourish your body forever!

Are your abs - en Fuego? The term en Fuego is translated as - on fire. Or instead of being on fire, is your waist cold - and fat? Perhaps it is just a bit bigger than you want? You have a lot of company. The percentage of obese and overweight people continues to rise. Even popular entertainers such as Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson have struggled with their weight. And amazingly enough, bodybuilders are not exempt from the fat onslaught. That's right - bodybuilders often struggle with their waist more than any other area of the body. Why? Waist training isn't as fun or exciting as other types of training. Waist training often gets the leftovers in a training routine, relegated to the margins. But without consistent attention, the waist inexorably becomes bigger. Worse, failure to tightly control the waist has a negative impact on the rest of the body.

Most people and many bodybuilders do carry more around their middle than what they should. Perhaps the growing obesity in society is masking the overweight issue among bodybuilders. However, just because everyone is doing it is no excuse to maintain this negative condition. One fitness and nutrition expert pointed out that anyone who is carrying more than 10 percent body fat shouldn't call himself a bodybuilder. Yet most bodybuilders carry at least 10 percent or more during most of the year. This is true across the board - competitive bodybuilders carry more fat during the off-season, and non-competitive bodybuilders, who make up the vast majority of bodybuilders, rarely get into a trim state. And that's really unfortunate because the body doesn't reach its peak appearance unless it has a minimal amount of fat. That minimal amount is far below 10 percent.

How about your waist? What condition is it in - right now? Do you currently have less than 10 percent body fat? If you are not pushing toward a contest, the odds are high that you have more - perhaps much more - than 10 percent body fat. Imagine how sharp your physique will look when you drop a few percentage points of body fat. Isn't it time to change?

This 127 page PDF "Abs En Feugo by Dwayne Hines" e-book comes with a step-by-step ab workout and diet plan you can use immediately, to lose weight and get six pack abs!

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The e-book is in Adobe PDF format, so you must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer to read and print the files. Adobe Acrobat is a free program that you can download by clicking on the icon below.
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