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How To Get Big Without Steroids

By Oliver Wolter

Have you ever asked yourself if you can only achieve the body of your dreams by using steroids?

Then my answer to an email from Frank could presumably be of interest for you:

Hello Oliver,

I've trained for 20 years. It's made me stronger, and feel better, but I've only had small gains in muscle mass. I've tried many things. I think it's because of my genetics... I'm a skinny guy, at 6 feet tall and 165lbs! I also tried some of your tricks but nature won't let me cheat it. Be honest, in this particular case it only works with chemistry and hormones.

many thanks



Here is my answer:

Dear Frank,

I can read between the lines, you are just thinking about doping as the only solution but you won't accept this, because you know that there must be another way to gain a few more kilos of muscle mass.

I was in the same situation you are, becuae I couldn't break past the 190lbs mark after 10 years:

I trained hard, fought hard - but I ran into an invisible wall, because my scale simply never moved.

Hormones, like anabolic steroids, were never an option for me!

At that time, I already heard too many negative things about them, in different gyms. Starting with serious illnesses, like leucemia, liver damages, chronic acne, through widepread impotence and depression after the stoppage of the drugs.

And everyone had one thing in common: The "That won't happen to me - he only exaggerated!" attitude.

Besides, I wanted to be proud of my achievement and not become like others who lose everything again, once they stop doping.

I was coming close to completely giving up, because I couldn't reach the body of my dreams. The goal of building more muscle was dead for me.

However, I didn't want to stop with the training, it was fun for me, I felt good, and somehow I liked my body.

So I decided to stop the usual training. At the time, I was inspired by my friend Stefan who was a heavy-weight wrestler, and even though he never trained with weights, he had the power of a grizzly bear.

I threw all my bodybuilding magazines in the trassh bin, and started to experiment. I completely overlooked the adsurdity of norms like 6-10 repetitions and my muscles finally started to grow again.

Finally, from this the X-Size Bodybuilding Software> plan originated, which pushed my muscles to really explode.

The next time, I developed better and more refined techniques, to develop training plans for EVERYONE, no matter their genetic predisposition.

Out of this, my book "Perfect Workout Mod" originated. If you are a skinny type who barely builds up muscle mass, you should take the easy, step-by-step techniques from Perfect Workout Mod and, develop your own personalized monster program.

You'll find that with your own personally tailored monster program, your muscles will explode, just like mine, when I developed X-Size Bodybuilding Software Everything until now will just look like a bad dream, and you will be upset that you didn't hold this piece of information in your hands 10 years earlier.

For your success!


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