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HydroxyStim Review

MuscleTech HydroxyStim

HydroxyStim is a thermogenic diet product produced by MuscleTech. It comes in the form of a rapid release capsule. The company claims that its neurostimulating ingredients will increase thermogenesis, a process by which your metabolism increases thereby making your body more capable of burning fat. The stimulating ingredients are intended to boost your energy levels and provide for a more productive workouts.

HydroxyStim Ingredients

HydroxyStim uses five main stimulant ingredients that provide a pre-workout boost. These ingredients provide a boost to your energy, help increase focus, and are believed to help burn fat. These ingredients are:

1. Geranium extract (mimics adrenaline and is supposed to aid in providing focus, awareness, better fat burning ability, and appetite suppression)

2. Caffeine anhydrous (contains about the equivalent of two cups of coffee)

3. Deanol bitartrate as DMAE (contributes to better mood and increased alertness)

4. Yohimbine extract (fast acting stimulant that allows blood to flow more freely than normal and is often found in male enhancement products)

5. Huperzine extract (showing promising effects on memory).

HydroxyStim Side Effects

An honest review of a product like this wouldn'ít be fair with a issuing some warnings. This product is designed to help boost energy prior to a workout. It is not designed to provide a long-term stimulant effect. Like most stimulants, side effects will likely include: headaches, trouble sleeping, jitters, nervousness, nausea, increased heart rate, blood pressure and other effects. Stimulants should not be consumed if you are pregnant, nursing, or have a heart condition. You should also consult your doctor before starting this product. The combination of caffeine and yohimbine, in particular, can be dangerous for someone not already in good health.

HydroxyStim Does it Work?

As for the effectiveness of HydroxyStim, the jury is still out. HydroxyStim is considered a new product on the market, therefore, available thoughts and opinions vary greatly. It may be cliche, but only time will tell. Some users seem excited about the different form of Geranium extract that it contains compared to other concentrated thermogenic pills, while others feel disappointed stating that it's similar to other caffeinated pills. The negative reviewers also point out that the ingredient Yohimbine has been banned in other countries and will likely be banned in the United States in future years. There is maybe only one way to find out if HydroxyStim is right for you and that is to try it for yourself.

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