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Increase Androgen

increase androgen levels
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How to Increase Androgen Levels in Men

Androgen is a term used to refer to hormones such as testosterone and androsterone, which are responsible for the development of muscle and bones as well as the sexual organs in the male body. Often when talking about androgen, people are actually referring to testosterone as that is the most potent of the androgens. There are two types of testosterone – anabolic and androgenic. Anabolic testosterone is responsible for building bone and muscle mass in the body whilst androgenic testosterone is what causes the formation and growth of the penis as well as things like body hair and deepening of the voice.

As men get over 30 their testosterone levels tend to drop off. Many men want to know how they can slow down and reverse this process without having to resort to taking steroids. Below are 3 of the best ways you can increase your androgen levels:

1. Lose Weight – It’s well-known that losing weight increases energy and lowers the risk of obesity-related diseases like heart attacks and strokes. However few people are aware that losing weight can increase your testosterone levels. Studies have shown that overweight men have lower testosterone levels than those who are of a healthy weight so if you want to increase your testosterone levels naturally then losing weight is a great way to do it.

Of course losing weight is easier said than done if you don't have the right plan from the beginning. Saying you're going to lose weight is actually a very vague goal as it doesn't specify how you're going to do it. To be successful you should look at your current diet and decide which foods you're going to cut and the healthy alternatives you're going to replace them with.

2. Exercise – Exercise or more specifically – short, intense exercise, has been proven to increase testosterone levels. When compared to aerobic or moderate exercise, intense exercise has a much greater impact on testosterone levels. You can use any type of equipment you want for doing this type of exercise – weights, machines, punching bag, rowing machine, treadmill, etc. The most important thing is that you make sure the workout is intense and of course allow yourself good warm up and recovery periods between.

3. Reduce Stress – Stress is one of the biggest killers on the planet but you may not be aware that it's also a big culprit of low testosterone levels. When you are highly stressed your body releases a hormone called Cortisol. Cortisol is the enemy of testosterone and blocks its effects in the body. Naturally if you want to increase testosterone levels in the body you need to reduce your stress levels. Exercise can be an excellent stress buster and also boosts testosterone levels on its own so why not kill two birds with one stone.

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