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Incredible Bulk Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

MVP Biotech Incredible Bulk

Who doesn't want incredible bulk? That's the name of a substance designed to promote the same in you. This is a weight gaining supplement that claims the following:

This calorie intense, protein packed, amino acid enhanced cocktail is engineered using VitaGrow (Carbohydrate Sustain Matrix), best known sources of carbohydrates, Multi Stage Protein Release Matrix for increased nitrogen retention, fast absorption and stored power, Enhanced with Lipolytic Fat Matrix & OMEGA Matrix by far the most essential and functional Fatty Acids (EFA) This potent combination has been formulated to create a powerful mass builder for incredible gains. Incredible BULK® has been scientifically formulated for the hard-gainers (ectomorphs). Note from R&D: In our quest for Research and Development in the ectomorphic characteristics and somatotype we discovered a Special Technology for Ultra Calorie Absorption! This Experimental Application has proven its efficacy For this Product.

This supplement makes sense as it combines the correct mix of protein, carbs and fat. Too many supplements skip out on one or the other. Many are rich in protein but contain no carbs or no fat, and that is a huge mistake as your body needs carbs and fat to digest the protein. Incredible Bulk gets it right on this front by including both carbs and fat. So Incredible Bulk gets the growth formula right.

But the big question is – why not just drink milk? Milk has the formula right, and is a great growth promoter to boot. Gotta have milk.

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