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Legal Gear Methyl 1-P Supplement

Everyone has been asking “when are you going to have a replacement for M1T?” They had a tough job ahead of them: Find an anabolic ingredients that are 100% legal and builds muscle like a pro-hormone. Impossible? Not from the labs at Legal Gear! This search for the perfect anabolic lead them down many paths and many areas. Sure, they could have sold out and tried to hide a “steroid” by disguising it’s name like some other’s have done, only to get caught and forced to remove the product from the market, but they wanted to make a product that would last the ban and be available for years to come. Methyl 1-P is it!

Does M1P Supplement Work?
Consumer Reviews Feed Back Forum

I have been useing M1P for almost three weeks now and takeing 1 pill a day..there are no side effects at all and I actually lost weight and put on 2 lbs of mucsle..my six pac are more noticeable!

Just finished 4 weeks of M1P. Started off with M1P and Creatine. Around week 3 I noticed great pumps, increased overall size, and a gain of 4lbs. At the end of week 3 I ran out of Creatine, so I discontinued it's use. Guess what happened 3 days after I stopped taking Creatine? My pumps and size were gone, and my weight was back down to where I started. I continued the last week of M1P with no results. My diet was not the best, but I did pretty good at maintaining about 250-300gms of protein a day. In conclusion I would say the following: M1P is crap, don't waste your money.

I have been using Superdrol and m1p for about 4 weeks. I have had some amazing gains. I'm up to 14 lbs in total weight gained. But what I found most pleasing was my strength gains. I have gained around 50 lbs for each core lift. Bench 315 to 350, Squat 475 to 530. I have done deadlifts yet, so i don't know about that one. I feel like my veins are going to pop!

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