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Leukic Facts

Why is it that some guys can't seem to build muscle? Simple. They're not anabolic enough to grow muscle tissue. If your body isn't in a state of anabolism, then don't expect to add any muscle. Zero. Zilch. Impossible. Worse yet, you may even be catabolic right now and your body is breaking down precious muscle tissue for energy! Time to kill catabolism and switch your body into musclebuilding mode with LEUKIC™, an advanced anabolic activator. We're talking about potent stuff here. The world's very first 100 percent completely anabolic compound. With ongoing training, this leads to thick, dense muscle! The science proves it works. LEUKIC kicks the body into high anabolic gear as no other supplement can!

Reviews and Review
Does Leukic Work?

Not a bad product, went farley fast though. I found out that if you pretty much have to go through one bottle to get your body in an anabolic mode and then continue with another bottle to get good gains. I have found better gains in strength than looks. Im getting ready to stack it with anator p-70 and get extreme gains. But right now Im using it with Tbomb 2 and it works really well with that.

A little on the expensive side, but on the other hand it more than makes up for it because it does what it says it does. This is not a steroid, so do not expect steroid like gains from this. 3-4 lbs gain in 2 weeks is what you can expect from starting this.

All I gotta say about Leukic is WOW. I think anyways. I take it as directed, and wow. 3 weeks ago, my bench max was 235. Yesterday, I put that up 3 times for my final set. So I decided to keep going, and went up to 255 one time with no assistance other than a lift off.

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