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Libido Boosters That Work

There are all kinds of libido boosters that are sold everywhere - from late night TV to ads in the back of a magazine. But what really works? Why spend your money on something dubious at best? Here are a few libido boosters that will indeed give you a boost.


It's full name is tribulus terrestris a Mediterranean plant with a lot of power. When made into supplement form, it is used as a libido enhancer. Tribulus really enhances the circulatory system, and also boosts testosterone activity. That combo makes it dynamic in its role as a libido kickstarter.


Also known as Eurycoma and Tongkat Ali, LongJack is emerging as one of the best of all possible libido supplement tools. In fact some pick it as the top gun in this field, stating that it is "emerging as one of the most promising natural intimacy aids ever studied".

So if you are looking for libido enhancement, start with LongJack. It has a host of other natural benefits and is a muscle growth booster to boot as it really elevates testosterone levels.


DHEA, which is short for its real long name, dehydroepiandrosterone, comes from a hormone form that is produced by your body's adrenal glands. The supplement form is made from yam or soy extracts.

Your body makes some DHEA but its production drops off as you get older. And you want more DHEA because it elevates testosterone in your body. It is a powerful substance, powerful enough that Major League Baseball, the NFL and others have banned it for their athletes.

As far as boosting libido goes, the Mayo Clinic notes that there is promising research for DHEA and DHEA supplementation may benefit people with decreased libido.


Various studies have shown chrysin to boost testosterone activity in the body. One of its names, passionflower, is a hint of its potency as a libido booster. Chrysin Chrysin works to inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen and this helps get the libido going strong.

Any of these natural options will work well for cranking up your libido. Experiment among the various choices to find out which works best for you.

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