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Losing Weight Together

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Ladies - You will most likely not lose weight or build muscle as fast as your husband.  He is not doing this on purpose to torment you!  

Men - You will probably see faster results than your wife.  She might think you are doing this on purpose to torment her! 

The key here is DO NOT COMPARE YOUR RESULTS TO YOUR SPOUSE'S RESULTS.  Progress, no matter how much progress, should be celebrated.  Tell your spouse when you notice their body changing.  Give some words of encouragement and motivation.  Remember - if you are giving your body the nutrition and activity it needs, your body will manage your weight loss in a healthy way.  That may be one pound a week or it may be several pounds a week.  Don't rush it - you are working on a change to your body that can last a lifetime.

Also, share the food responsibility.  For anyone to enjoy their diet, they need to eat what they like.  Communicate with your spouse - make food decisions together. 

Do some exercise activities together, with the understanding that you may not be at the same level of physical strength. Walking is a great exercise to do together!  Find out what works for both of you and enjoy your life together! 

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