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Mancakes Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets

Mancakes High Protein Pancake Waffle Mix

Mancakes has created a new and highly effective way of getting all your protein and nutritional requirements in a tasty and healthy breakfast to start your day off correctly.

All too often body-builders start to get bored of a breakfast mix or shake that is working for them as when a bodybuilder is looking to gain muscle and use high intensity workouts this might be what you are looking for to make a new and delicious start for the day. Ideally you need to get yourself a waffle maker or even a double waffle maker if you are a big eater.

There are countless variations that one can use when you start to experiment with different flavorings that you might enjoy. I like to add cinnamon, but it can be flavored with anything from blueberries to pine nuts just as effectively.

Each serving of Mancake mix that you make will have about 22 grams of protein and is also packed with 28 grams of good quality carbohydrates.

If you add that to the 10 grams of fat that you are getting it makes up a well-balanced meal that is not only delicious but also will get you through any tough workout that you need to do later in the day. If you try it out you will see why Mancakes has become so popular amongst body-builders.

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