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Mesomorph Body Type
Mesomorph Diet and Workout

Mesomorph's have the good life! They can gain weight or lose weight easily. They don't have to workout hard in the gym and basically can eat almost whatever they want and yet they can still maintain their physique.

Gains or loses weight easily
Rectangular shaped
Upright posture
Thick skin
Hard, muscular body
Builds muscle quickly

Since Mesomorph's have a naturally muscular build, there body fat percentages tend to be low. They're not too big and not too skinny. Mesomorph's tend to be on the move more often than not, so to maintain their naturally built physique, they should eat 5-7 small meals a day. They just train using relatively heavy weights and incorporate an aerobic workout as well.

Mesomorph's should workout with basic compound exercises as well as single-joint isolation movements. They should do about 3-4 sets per body part with about 10 repitions each. Remember, if you fall into this category, you want to try to maintain what you already look like. You want to adjust weight training more often to keep your body from getting used to one exercise.

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