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Muscle Media Magazine

Muscle Media magazine is perhaps the most inspiring and motivational bodybuilding and nutrition magazine that was ever published.

Muscle Media Review

Muscle Media magazine is the magazine for people who truly want to challenge their bodies. If you need motivation that will inspire you to get off the couch and change your life, this magazine will do it. Full of articles and stories from REAL people, Muscle Media magazine gives you scientific and truthful information on supplements, nutrition and work outs.

Muscle Media Magazine contains the information you need if you want to truly change your body. Many bodybuilders and athletes have gotten so far along and almost given up on getting the body of their dreams. This magazine will stop that cycle by giving you real life stories and strategies, along with the motivation you need to succeed. It is full of authentic information on nutrition, supplements and diet - without the fluff and fill many other fitness magazines have.

Muscle Media Magazine Bill Phillips

Bill Phillips is a man that knows how to motivate people to get up and get in shape. As founder of Muscle Media magazine, he produced the most popular bodybuilding publication ever. He is also the author of the books Body for Life and Eating for Life, and the former CEO of EAS, a performance nutritional supplement company.

What Happened to Muscle Media Magazine?

In 1999, Muscle Media magazine went through a few transformations. In the year 2000, Bill Phillips wanted to change the magazine to a more dynamic and contemporary look and feel. His quest to target more of a mainstream audience seemed to be the death of the publication.

After Bill sold the magazine it finally stop being published.

Muscle Media Magazine Back Issues

Muscle Media magazine is no longer in publication, but many people collect back issues because of the popularity of this magazine. If you are interested in securing Muscle Media back issues, you can find them here Muscle Media Magazine Back Issues.

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