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Always Gaining Software Review

Top Rated Product
muscle gain software
X-Size Muscle Gain Software

Program Description:

A new Pat. Pending piece of software,which will revolutionise the way YOU train. Currently being used by THOUSANDS of People all around the World!

It does exactly what YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED.

It tells you PRECISELY how much weight and how many reps YOU should be using on each exercise to MAXIMIZE MUSCLE GROWTH!

It completely ELIMINATES the endless confusion and conflicting advice that is the hallmark of weight training and Muscle Building.

When we start training we normally go on a typical Beginners program, say 3 sets of 10 reps. And initially it works, our strength grows and muscles start to show. We notice a new found power. Maybe the golf swing gains an extra 20 yards.. Maybe the opposite sex start to give you a second glance.. Hey this is great! Remember THAT feeling? But then the gains stopped.

Well the best advice is to change the resistance you're using. Say, go heavier.. or lighter.. but which? Or should you change your exercises? or not.. or maybe it's your diet,supplements? Confusing huh?

In desperation some people resort to drugs to "breakthrough". I think we'd all agree, you don't want to go there. What are you supposed to do?

Used by THOUSANDS of people around the World, it's the Worlds FIRST piece of software which will show you EXACTLY:

How much weight you should be using.

How many reps you should be performing for MAXIMUM MUSCLE GAINS IN THE SHORTEST POSSIBLE TIME!

It is based on YOUR exercise history, Previous Personal Bests (PPB'S), for a variety of reps, and the range of exercise YOU use. The software compares YOUR inputted training results against idealized strength graphs. These graphs have been derived from measurements taken on hundreds of athletes over Tens of Thousands of lifts. The areas where you maximally deviate from the ideal are where your greatest potential for gains in muscle and strength are.

By training all these muscle qualities,but never letting any one get "out of balance" you will GAIN FASTER than you ever have before.

"I can't believe it! I've been training for 19 years and my progress had pretty much stopped. I decided to give the Free Trial a shot.. I can't believe it! I discovered that I should have been using heavier weights in my training.. So I did. I put 12% on my bench press in 2 weeks, even Steroids can't do that!. I recommend this system to everyone who works out. It's simply awesome."
Dr J.Clark Ohio

"Incredible... I've tried just about everything over the past few years to gain muscle and nothing really worked.I've wasted a small fortune on various food supplements that promised much and failed to deliver,so when I saw your ad,I thought "what the heck".. My gains have been spectacular. I've put on 12lbs of muscle in the past 2 months,and the system is so simple to operate.For the first time ever,I understand exactly why I'm a lifting a certain weight and I know when it's time to change.. This is simply the best muscle building product available today."
B.Amico (NYC)

"My son and I have been using your program for two and a half weeks now and we have seen gains in our strength beyond our wildest dreams. We both blasted past sticking points in all of our exercises. Every session so far, we have gotten stronger. This program is incredible! We can't wait to see gains in our size. We've always liked going out to the gym, but now we get really excited about getting out there and seeing what new levels we will reach! Thank You."
Mark Mueller and Mark Mueller Jr.

The ALWAYS GAINING System is NOT a computer training log, merely keeping a record of your sets and reps.

It tells YOU EXACTLY how much weight and reps you should be performing for MAXIMUM MUSCLE GAINS. NO OTHER SYSTEM CAN DO THIS, AS NO OTHER SYSTEM HAS THE UNIQUE PAT.PENDING ALWAYS GAINING TECHNOLOGY. The software comes with a COMPLETE E-guide,explaining the system in detail.

Imagine having your own "Personal Trainer"on your Computer. How cool is that?

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