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Muscle Training Illustrated Magazine

Muscle Training Illustrated (MTI) magazine was the official journal of the WBBG (World Body Building Guild) and concentrated on giving workout routines and advice from the biggest names in bodybuilding.

Dan Lurie's Muscle Training Illustrated Review

Dan Lurie was a bodybuilding and fitness pioneer. He won the Mr. America title of "America's Most Muscular Man", three years in a row. He even arm wrestling President Ronald Reagan on the Oval Office desk of the White House. He has been a champion bodybuilder, athletic world record holder (performing 1655 push ups in 90 minutes, a bent press of 285 pounds (at a bodyweight of 168 pounds) and backlifted 1810 pounds), a television star, a trainer of champions, a gym equipment manufacturer and a magazine publisher.

From 1965 through to 1995, his Magazine Muscle Training Illustrated magazine covered all aspects of bodybuilding, weightlifting, physique contests. etc. MTI was a magazine where readers could pick and choose workouts they wanted to try, it was filled with science rather then filler and gossip. You will want copies of this bodybuilding magazine if you want to maximize your results. You will find amazing photos and advice from the all the greats of bodybuilding including: Steve Reeves, Sergio Oliva, Harold Poole, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno, Steve Michalik, Frank Zane, Robby Robinson, Mike Mentzer, Samir Bannout, John DeFendis, Anibal Lopez, etc.

Muscle Training Illustrated Back Issues

Muscle Training Illustrated is no longer in publication, but back issues make a great addition to any collection.. If you are interested in finding MTI Magazine back issues, you can find them at Muscle Training Illustrated Magazine Back Issues.

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