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Musclemag International Magazine

Musclemag International Magazine is filled to the brim with diet information, training tips and supplement articles. If you are dedicated to your training and health, this magazine is a top pick.

Musclemag Review

Serious bodybuilders will definitely enjoy this magazine. Musclemag thoroughly covers techniques and all bodybuilding events, and contains some of the best pictures you will find. Musclemag International takes health and fitness seriously, and prides itself on the information it delivers to the bodybuilders who read it.

This magazine also gives you all of the gossip and bodybuilding news from all over the world with a bit of humor added to the mix. You will find industry updates, supplement articles and nutrition information are covered extremely well in Musclemag. Even the contributing editors are experts on bodybuilding. Musclemag is the fitness magazine to get if you are dedicated to training and health.

Musclemag Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy created Musclemag in 1974. He assembled the pages of his first magazine from a kitchen table in Brampton, Ont. Today, Robert Kennedy still enjoys an industrious career in the fitness and bodybuilding industry. He is the executive editor (and founder) of MuscleMag International Corp.

Musclemag Back Issues

Every serious bodybuilder would love to have a collection of Musclemag back issues. In fact, many actually do collect fitness magazines.

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Musclemag International Subscription

If you are among the bodybuilders that are serious about fitness, nutrition, health and effective work outs, you should consider a Musclemag International subscription.

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