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Building Muscle Tone

By Francesco A. Castano

Contrary to what most have read in popular bodybuilding magazines and various Internet sites, one who desires a very cut, ripped, muscular physique without freaky professional bodybuilder size trains IDENTICALLY TO ONE WHO SEEKS 100 POUNDS OF NEW MUSCLE WEIGHT! If you are currently skinny OR fat, producing a lean, athletic looking physique (a "beach" body) is only possible through both the addition of new muscle (not large quantities, but enough to differentiate from the untrained) and loss in body fat. Regardless of what you may have read elsewhere, MUSCLE TONE IS NOT DEFINED AS MERE FAT LOSS, but rather SMALL OR MODERATE LEVELS OF NEW MUSCLE IN CONJUNCTION WITH BODY FAT REDUCTION! The COMBINATION of muscle gain and fat loss leads to the lean, defined build associated with models and athletes -- FAT LOSS WITHOUT NEW MUSCLE WILL NOT DEVELOP A SLIM, FIRM, SHREDDED PHYSIQUE, but rather a SKINNY, LANKY UNDESIRABLE BUILD! Many mistakenly assume that huge, eye-popping muscle mass will always result from weight training, while in fact PROPER resistence exercise coupled with an effective diet strategy will lead one to ANY physical improvement goal (whether large or small) -- CALORIES CONTROL THE QUANTITY OF MUSCLE BUILT! With the exception of caloric intake, one who desires a lean, model-like appearance MUST train and diet identically to those targeting large increases in muscle size -- lower calories PROHIBIT sizeable additions in muscle, instead producing moderate gains while consistently reducing body fat, leading to a very defined, lean, athletic build. So, am I instructing you to exercise for 3 hours per day, 6 days per week? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Whether your goal is large or small levels of muscle mass, training length is VERY BRIEF and INTENSE, which is why ALL WHO DESIRE PHYSICAL IMPROVEMENT train and diet IDENTICALLY regardless of specific goals. With proper training and diet principles, YOU can control the level of muscle gain / fat loss (through food quantity), meaning ANY and ALL goals are possible with ONE PLAN.

Remember, PROPER training / diet leads to DRAMATIC PHYSICAL ENHANCEMENT

I have achieved tremendous success (over 60 pounds of muscle), and will show you how to improve your body through proper diet and exercise techniques.

To Learn EXACTLY How To Train/Diet For Muscular EXPLOSION Click Here

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