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Myo Dynamics Training-Nutrition Manager
Software Review

Top Rated Product
training nutrition software
X-Size Training Nutrition Software


Program Description:

Keeping your training records in a note pad is a good start, but there's a better way. It's called the Myo Dynamics Training-Nutrition Manager. This powerful database (for Windows or Mac) allows you to enter the exercise, number of reps and sets, tempo (time per rep in seconds), and rests between sets. From this information, the Myo Dynamics Training-Nutrition Manager calculates the total volume (sets multiplied by reps), intensity, predicted 1RM (single repetition maximum), time under tension (the actual amount of time the muscles were loaded), density (the work/rest ratio), and much more.

Myo Dynamics Training-Nutrition Manager Features:

• Dramatically improved appearance!

• Each layout is available in colored “display” and “print” modes.

• Help files are significantly expanded and improved.

• Easy to use “hyperlink” feature provides instant explanation of all features with a single click of the mouse.

• Resistance training layout allows 50 total sets

• Nutrition layout now allows 10 meals per day, larger meal fields, and a large database of meals and food items, including popular frozen meals, protein shakes, food bars, and fast foods.

• The nutrition layout also provides a summary of average perotein intake expressed in grams per pound of bodyweight.

• Now includes dozens of daily meal plans and workouts designed by Charles Staley!

• Test your explosive strength with the Max Jones Quadrathelon: a very effective, but little-known testing implement used widely in track & field throwing circles.

• Assess your daily recovery status with Charles Staley’s unique recovery index.

• NEW layouts for accurate and comprehensive tracking of endurance training and sport training data!

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