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New Grip Gloves Review

newgrip gloves
NewGrip Weight Lifting Gloves

If you are looking for a glove to employ in your workouts you will want to consider the ďNewGrip lifting gloveĒ. This unique new entrant to the lifting scene combines the best of a wrap and a glove into one piece, with all the benefits that synergy in this area brings.

The NewGrip lifting glove doesnít have the separate finger slots but allows all the fingers to work together. Thatís an advantage that lets the user pick up more weight.

The glove is not made out of leather so it is much more breathable. These gloves are made of neoprene that holds up well for long time periods and meshes better with the bars. These are very durable gloves that outlast standard gloves in the longevity area.

The NewGrip glove is becoming a favorite with CrossFit athletes and also works well for bodybuilding-style training. Some users have noticed dramatic increases in the poundage they can pull when using these gloves.

The gloves are individually adjustable, another big advantage so that you can zero in on just the right, not too tight fit. Another unique aspect to these gloves is that they cushion both palms and fingers, whereas standard leather gloves donít do much for the fingers.

They are a bargain at a reasonably priced $27.99 per pair. They also come in a non- wrist support option for about half the price.

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