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10 Minute Workout

Your Testosterone Levels

Did you know that your testosterone levels start to decline in your mid 20's to early thirties?

Some sources cite test being down 30%+ when you hit your early 40's.

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Well - the good news is, there is a lot you can do about it.

A lot of guys these days are opting for TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/23/2017

Ten Minute Upper Body Workout

By Patrick L. Deu Pree, author of 51 Years Under the Iron

I had only ten minutes. I was shopping, doing laundry, busy, busy, busy. What to do? I had been in a slump this winter, hibernation. Not getting to the gym. I was doing martial arts and isometrics on my bullworker at home. But it's not the same thing. Not at all. I needed to pump some iron. So I headed out to LA Fitness here in Glendale. I parked in the multi level parking lot, 90 minutes free so I had plenty of time.

I hurried across the pedestrian bridge to the exchange mall on Brand blvd. There it was, a workout palace, LA Fitness, where I get to workout free thanks to my Medicare plan. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness also. But the walk is farther if I street park so the best bet was LA Fitness.

What a workout palace, totally equipped, top rate. So I scanned it, the place was packed in the afternoon. What to do? I had ten minutes. Luckily there are plenty of machines.

Now I had on my Gold's Gym sweatshirt but I was wearing jeans. I didn't have time to go to the locker room to change into sweat pants, but I had passed the desk. Would I get away with it? I went for it, I just went out onto the workout floor to begin.

First up, the ab machine, one set to failure, feeling the deep burn. Next, warm up on the low back machine, There was one available, so I did the warm up on that. I never go to complete failure on low back work. I have paid the price for that, believe me.

Now I was warmed up. So I spotted a bench press machine and did one hard set to failure on that one.

Next, back, the nautilus pullover machine was available, one hard set of about 12 to failure on that one. Now I was getting into the groove.

Next, the shoulder machine. someone was on that one, all were being used. So I found a machine and asked if i could work in. no problem, done.

Now it was biceps, I found an available nautilus curl machine and jumped in, got it done.

Now, all that remained was triceps, found a nautilus triceps machine and blasted away.

Done, in ten minutes. I ran out the door to my car, I had done it, jeans and all!

Wow, intense, it felt good to be back in the gym!

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