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Can you really build muscle without weights?

Mike Thiga transformed himself from a scrawny 148 pounds 
to a massive 187 pounds. In slightly less than 6 months, 
he packed on 39 pounds of solid muscle, all without ever 
lifting a weight or going to the gym. 

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     Fitness Tips For 4/4/2012

How To Do 100 Pushups

What's the best upper body muscle building exercise that anyone can
do anytime and anywhere?

The answer is pushups.

Pushups work the chest, shoulders, triceps, but due to the position 
and the fact that you have to hold your body straight and rigid, they
involve almost every muscle in the body.

If you can do 20 thatís not too bad, if you can do 50 youíre above 
average and if you want to join the elite club you'll want to 
work up to 100 push ups without stopping.

I'll bet even the strongest beach presser in your gym can't do 
100 pushups in a row.

Working up to this level will not only build up your chest but
also give you awesome strength and endurance.

Here is a simple program to help you reach the goal of 100 pushups.

Do your pushups workouts 3 days a week such as Monday, Wednesday 
and Friday.

For your first set do as many pushup as you can, lets say for 
example you do 30.

Rest 1 minute.

Do another set of as many as you can, lets say for example you 
do 20 this time.

So far you've done 50 total.

Rest 1 minute.

Do another set and keep this up as many as you can followed by
1 minute rest and another set until you hit a total of 100 reps.

Ok, now over the next several weeks you are going to work on 
increasing the reps you can do each set while also decreasing the
rest time by 10 seconds every week.

In about 7 weeks you should be able to do 100 push ups without 

If you missed that goal you still should be able to do more 
pushups now then ever before, and to reach the goal of 100
just go back to week 1 and do the cycle all over again.

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How To Do 100 Pushups

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