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Beginner Bodybuilding Workout

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/2/2021

12 Week Beginner Bodybuilding Plan

Beginner Bodybuilding Workout

Whenever you are beginning working out for any sport you will need to approach everything as a beginner because that is what you are. We have seen many amateur bodybuilders starting out in a wrong way. If you just now started lifting weights you can not expect your body to become huge all of a sudden. Every single individual needs to go through a bodybuilding beginner workout in order to gain the best possible results. To keep it simple, you need to train your entire body through what is called a full body routine. We recommend that you try out this very good 12 weeks full body Bodybuilding Beginner Workout. After the 12 weeks pass you can really start working out more. All you will require is training 2 days every single week. This should not be hard, right? Most amateurs will not do this but if you follow this program you will notice that you are growing faster than other people that started bodybuilding at the same time you did.

Week 1 to Week 6 – A Circuit Workout

The first step in bodybuilding is the most important. This is exactly why you will have to do it right. It is highly important that you leave at least one day of rest between workouts. We actually recommend that in the first 6 weeks you only train 2 days a week so that your body can properly rest. The first three weeks of your beginner workout should see you doing 15 repetitions per each exercise (just 1 set is enough). Then in the following 3 weeks do 2 sets for each exercise with 12 repetitions wiand simply use a weight that is heavier.

Week 1 to Week 3 Exercises: Leg Press, Lying Leg Curl, Flat Bench Press, Seated Cable Row, Dumbbell Shrug, Dumbbell Press, Back extension, Barbell Curl, Pushdown, Standing Calf Raise, Barbell Wrist Curl and Crunches.

Week 4 to Week 6 Exercises: Leg Press, Lying Leg Curl, Flat Bench Press, Seated Cable Row, Dumbbell Shrug, Dumbbell Press, Pushdown, Back Extension, Barbell curl, Standing Calf Raises, Barbell wrist curl and Crunches.

Week 7 to Week 12 – Split Workout – Higher Intensity

Now we can start working out at a higher intensity. Let us divide our body in 2 simple parts: lower and upper. Now the beginner workout turns into a 3 day a week workout. It is highly important that you leave at least one day of rest between training sessions. We will present 2 workouts and you have to combine them. In the first week you should do Workout 1 for two times and in the second week the second workout twice. Workout 1 is for your upper body and Workout 2 for the lower body. Between every single set make sure that you leave at least 1 minute of rest and a maximum of 90 seconds of rest.

Workout 1

Exercise Sets Reps
Flat Dumbbell Press
Pec Dec Fly
1 arm dumbbell row
Seated Cable Row
Seated dumbbell press
Dumbbell lateral raise
Dumbbell shrug 2 10-15
Pushdown 2 10-12
Barbell curl 2 10-12
Barbell wrist curl 2 10-12

Workout 2

Exercise Sets Reps
Smith machine squats 1 8-12
Leg extension 1 10-12
Lying leg curl 1 10-12
Back extension 1 20-30
Standing calf raise 1 12-15
Reverse crunch

Now you have to understand that a good beginner workout is only the first step towards the greatest possible results. You also need to rest properly and eat right.

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