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20 Rep Workouts

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/28/2018

Do 20 Reps With Your 10 Rep Max

If you train with weights on a regular basis or you call yourself a bodybuilder, then the 20 rep workout using your 10RM is something that you should try. It will not only increase muscle hypertrophy and speed up fat-loss but it will help you break through any training plateau that you might be dealing with.

Although there are many different ways one can approach 20 reps with your 10RM, bodybuilding experts have put together the following routine to show how this routine should be done. You will ONLY be doing 1 set a week for each body-part. That may sound strange but if you do one set of 20 reps on four different movements training once a week, you're sure to see a difference, if you stick to the rules.

The rules are very specific so let's go through them one step at a time so that there is no confusion. It's called a ladder set and starts with a back squat for the first set of the week using a 2-0-1-0 tempo. It must be assumed that you have already calculated what your 10 rep max is with back squats and the other three movements listed below.

After warming up you then perform 2 reps using the selected weight.

Rest 10-15 seconds and then complete 3 reps with the same weight.

Rest 10-15 seconds and then complete 5 reps with the same weight.

Rest for 10-15 seconds and then finish he set with your last big pus of 10 reps.

Below is the list of the single 20 rep sets that you will be doing with one movement, resting for 5 minutes and then moving onto the next movement. To perform 20 reps as indicated above you have to dig deep, you need some serious determination and grit to do the set. Below are the four different movements, doing one set a week in the following order:

A. Back Squat 5 min rest

B. Chin-Up 5 min rest

C. Deadlift 5 min rest

D. Parallel-Bar Dip 5 min rest

Because you're using the same weight and doing rest-pause you know that you will be using the type of intensity you need to grow muscle. The reason why it works so well is because the source of the energy used (ATP) will get a partial recovery due to the rest-pause. But more importantly you are training outside of you comfort zone by 50% which gets results, fast.

Although this workout can be performed in about 20 minutes it nevertheless requires some serious mental plus physical fortitude. When your body and your mind are screaming for you to "Stop!" you've got to carry on. The human body is designed to return to homeostasis so when you train you have to force your body outside its "comfort zone" to get results.

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