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3 Sets 50 Reps

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/17/2017

3 Sets of 50 Reps for Muscle Mass

The best way to avoid training plateaus and keep growing muscle is to vary your training every month or 6 weeks.

If you haven't tried the 3 sets of 50 reps, you should give it a try, below are the basic requirements for this 50 Rep Madness.

There's nothing complicated about the 50-rep technique, you're doing an exercise for 50 reps. Not all 50-reps have to be finished in one set, you can may do the 50 reps in 3 to 5 sets. Whatever it takes, all you need is 50 reps, just do it. When starting with 50's for the first time you should select a weight that you could do 12-15 reps on your first set.

All you then have to do is try your first set of 12 or 15 reps, if you can make it then drop the weight a little. Your next set after little or no rest you're onto the next set, either increase the weight you using or keep it exactly the same and complete another set of 12 or 15 reps. Keep doing your sets this way until you get to 50 reps.

There are countless variations on this 50-rep technique, just tossing the barbell up and down is not the answer, your rep performance will tie in directly to the effectiveness of the set. Varying rep speed will improve your gains and learning about your body.

For example, doing this technique especially on squats, your quads will burn like never felt before! But you'll see that you will start squatting stronger and your quads will start to grow. You can start off this 50-technique by doing it after you do a mass type exercise like the squat or the bench, or even barbell curls and triceps extensions.

Start off by only doing one exercise using this 50-technique method, you won't be able to do another set. There are many different movements that this will work for, but good exercises that work well are movements like cable crossovers, pulldowns, pushdowns, rows, preacher curls, pull-ups, leg extensions or even the leg press. But any other type of shaping exercise will work.

You can also easily take it up by a notch with this 50-rep method by using it together with doing a drop set. After you do one heavy set of calf raises for example, you then drop the weight to do 50-reps. It will increase your strength and increase the pump.

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