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     Fitness Tips For 6/20/2011

5 Sets of 5 Reps Workout

Training with 5 sets of 5 reps each is probably the best way to break
through that dreaded plateau that all weight trainers go through. In 
fact 5 X 5 has been done for a very long time and Arnold's greatest 
hero was Reg Park who used to believe strongly in the 5 X 5 method of
gaining muscle and strength fast.

The muscle growth (hypertrophy) occurs when the diameter of the 
myofiber (muscle fiber size) increases in size. It does this because 
of the increase in protein synthesis which means the actual protein 
content of the cell increases which also has the result of increasing
 the muscle filaments.

Usually what happens when you train 5 X 5 you will get stronger 
before you gain muscle mass. You will see that the muscle size 
follows quickly behind the fast increase in your strength. In fact if
you have been training 10 X 10 and you suddenly start on 5X5 you will
get strong very quickly.

When starting out doing 5 X 5 you should be weary of increasing the 
poundage too fast and rather start off your program selecting a 
poundage that you can do the full 5 sets with. After that you can 
slowly start to increase the amount that you put on after each set. 
But you and I both know that this will result in you doing less than
5 reps.

It is not a serious problem if you go down to 4 reps and even 3 reps 
on your last set but you should be very careful not to change your 
technique when the weight gets to a point that you can only do three
reps. This is vitally important as you could potentially injure 
yourself badly when you try to force the bar up using other muscle 

You might be thinking that there is a need to do more sets and reps 
on the same body part when you are finished your 5 X 5 but try to 
slow down just as you warmed up. If you are just doing 5 X 5 for a 
few weeks in order to see how well it works you should know that the
first time you do it you will get better results that you when you 
do it again for the second or third time.

There are some professional bodybuilders that will do 5 X 5 for only 
one body part a week and then go back to normal training for the rest
of the week. But you need to see what works best for you as you might
get a better benefit by sticking to 5 X 5 for three weeks or even six
weeks and then going back to your normal routine.

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5 Sets of 5 Reps Workout

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