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6 Week Muscle Building Program

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/14/2023

6 Week Muscle Building Program for Fast Lean Gains

So you are looking for an effective 6 week muscle building program, so you can quickly build some extra muscle mass and get in shape fast.

Most people will tell you that 6 weeks is a very short period of time to grow muscle. But I'm here to tell you that it is very possible to achieve a visible result, with the right kind of program. You just need access to the proper information.

In this article I'm going to show you a 6 week muscle building plan that will kick some serious butt.

Any successful 6 week muscle building program must have the following components:

  1. A carefully laid out workout routine that will stimulate growth, without leading to overtraining.
  2. An individualized diet plan that will allow your body to build new muscle mass quickly.
  3. Precise timing of a few basic supplements that will speed up your recovery and growth.
  4. Important weekly adjustments for fast consistent gains.

What can I expect to achieve in 6 weeks?

To see any visual improvements in 6 short weeks you need a dependable plan. Both your training and nutrition regimen must be strictly followed.

You need a bit of determination. But fortunately the program only lasts for 6 weeks. And most people find themselves able to stick to a program for just 6 weeks. Also, you need to have realistic expectations, depending on your body type and how precisely you follow the program.

Based on my experience with personal training clients, by following this program you should be able to gain 3-6kg muscle mass in the span of 6 weeks.

Why follow a 6 week muscle building program?

Before we get into the muscle building program itself lets make it clear why we should follow a dedicated program instead of just training and eating randomly.

My experience is that most people who workout do pick a routine and perhaps a diet plan. Maybe they even spend money on supplements.

They stick to the workout plan for a while. And when they dont really see any gains they look for a new exercise routine and a new promising supplement product in the form of pills or powders. And so on. This vicious cycle leads them straight into confusion. A place I dont think you want to be in.

So instead of playing the trial and error game, you simply need a tried-and-tested program complete with exercise routines and diet plans that are actually proven to work!

When you follow a carefully laid out body building program you will experience fast results. It doesnt matter whether you want to build muscle or lose fat. If you stick to this program and perform easy weekly adjustments, you will see remarkable results.

What does the training plan look like?

A good 6 week muscle building program can be divided into three phases of two weeks each. You start off with the Kick-start phase for the first two weeks. Then continued by Growth phase for the next two weeks. And finally the last two weeks of Bulk phase. During the 6 week plan you will have five different workouts: A,B,C,D,E. See exercises for each workout in the plan below the Scheme.

Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 A B C B
Week 2 A B C
Week 3 D E D
Week 4 E D E
Week 5 A B C
Week 6 D E

In each phase you will be training a set of very specific exercises with the maximum impact. Both your nutrition and supplementation must be adjusted as well in each phase.

WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
A 1. Bench Press 8-10 3
2. Flyes Dumbbells 8-10 3
3. Tricep Press-down 8-10 3
4. Abs Crunches 20-25 2
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
B 5. Squats 12-15 3
6. Leg Extension 12-15 3
7. Leg Curl 12-15 3
8. Abs Crunches 20-25 2
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
C 9. Low Pulley Cable-row 8-10 3
10. Underhand Pull-down 8-10 3
11. Biceps Preacher Curl 8-10 3
12. Abs Sit-up 20-25 3
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
D 13. Deadlift 5 5
14. Delt Press 5 5
15. Calf Raises Standing 5 5
WO No. Exercise Reps Sets
E 16. Leg Press 5 5
17. Bench Press Decline 5 5
18. Underhand Pull-down 5 5

How To Use Nutrition As Your Natural Steroids?

We wont be considering the use of steroids in this program. Instead were going to use a precise intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat to stimulate the release of our own natural muscle building testosterone, insulin and growth hormone.

Depending on your progress you will have to adjust your intake of calories, macro ratios, and supplements on a weekly basis. This is the true secret to fast and consistent week-by-week increase in muscle size or fat loss.

I recommend that you measure your body composition on a weekly basis. This will give you a true indication of your progress. And will make it easier to adjust your food intake.

Since we will be eating a surplus in calories to build muscle fast, we can easily end up storing too much excess body fat in the process. To prevent this we must ramp our intake of carbohydrate. In other words, we must ingest progressively less and less carbohydrates per meal during the day.

You start off the day with simple carbohydrates for meals before noon. Then complex carbohydrates for meals between noon and 3 pm. And finally the green low GI vegetables after 3 pm.

You daily protein intake, according to science, should be in the range of 1.3 - 2.0 g per kg body weight. Spread out your protein intake during the day with a gradual increase toward the end of the day.

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