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Did You Know That...

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Are You Spending All Your Time Working Every Muscle Area 
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Fail to get this area right and the rest of your training 
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     Fitness Tips For 3/20/2013

Ab Exercises for a Smaller Waist

With all the many different abs exercises out there it certainly can
be confusing to know exactly what is the right thing to do in order
to get results fast. One thing that certainly does not have to be 
mentioned here is that correct nutrition on a daily basis is a 
prerequisite for good results.

The American Council on Exercise have recently done an extensive 
study on what works and what does not work. The bottom line is that 
they have now proven that there are 3 exercises (listed below) that 
are the most effective at stimulating your abdominal area to help 
you get a smaller waist and build a 6 pack fast.

The first of these is the bicycle abs workout which is probably 
something that you are familiar with. It is a simple exercise you 
can do in the home or outside. Lie face up and place your hands 
behind your head, gently supporting it with your fingers.  Bring 
your knees to your chest and lift your shoulders off the floor 
without pulling your neck (avoid straining your neck).

You then rotate to the left and bring your right elbow towards your
left knee while straightening your other leg. Return to the start 
position and switch sides. As you continue the motion, you'll 
alternate sides like you're peddling. Do in one to three sets of 
around 12 reps per set.

The next proven abs exercise is the ball crunch exercise for which 
you are going to need an exercise ball. What makes this exercise 
more effective is that when you're doing an abs workout like 
crunches on the floor, youíre doing some of the work with your legs.
With the ball, your legs are resting which makes your abs do more 

To start you need to lie on the exercise ball with the ball 
positioned under your lower back in the lumbar region. Then cross 
your arms over your chest or place them behind your neck, make sure
that you do not use your arms to pull yourself up.

You then contract your abs to lift your torso off the ball, pulling 
the bottom of your ribs down toward your hips. As you curl up and 
return to the starting position through the abs workout, keep the 
exercise ball stable. It should not move or roll beneath you. 
Perform one to three sets of around 12-16 reps per set.

The last exercise is a tough one called the vertical leg crunch, 
which you do by lying flat on your back and your arms out at 
shoulder lever on the floor. The vertical leg crunch is a powerful
abs workout that provides a workout for the rectus abdominis as well
as the obliques. Itís similar to a standard crunch but the legs are
extended upward, forcing you to use your abs to do all the work.

You start with your back on the floor and extend your legs straight 
nto the air.  Support your neck with your hands (but donít pull from 
he neck).  Contract your abs to lift your shoulders off the floor.  
While you perform this abs workout you should feel like you're 
reaching out to your feet with your chest. 

You should always keep your legs in a fixed position and return to 
the starting position.  This abs workout should be repeated in one 
to three sets of 12 to 16 reps per set.

The bottom line is that if you want to make sure you don't just hit
your abs but hit them hard using some of the best abs exercises
known, then make sure you start to incorporate these 3 exercise 
starting with your very next abs workout.

For more information go to Abdominal Muscle Guide

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Ab Exercises for a Smaller Waist

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