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     Fitness Tips For  12/30/2015

Are You Undertraining

If you are not seeing gains in your muscles you are probably either undertraining or overtraining. These are both different factors but have the same result nothing to show for your work. If you overtrain you have sore muscles and a lack of desire to be in the gym after awhile. If you undertrain you don't have the sore muscles, and you still make it to the gym with a good deal of desire. The problem here is that you are not pushing yourself hard enough. Go Hard or Go Home So why push? Because your muscles won't grow unless they are pushed, and pushed hard. The muscles need a reason to change, and your training is that reason but only if you are going hard each time you hit the gym. You don't want to go easy on the muscles because if you undertrain you will stay in the same spot you have been. And you will stay there for a long time. The muscles like to get to a static or even declining state and the only thing that prevents them from doing so is hard core training. Intensity is the answer to lazy muscles. How hard do you want to go? You want to make the muscles sore. Naturally, you don't want to train them repeatedly when they are sore as this causes overtraining, but you do want to make them sore initially. The key is to give them a long enough rest time that they fully recover. So getting them sore is not the issue adequate rest is the answer to that factor. So don't be afraid to crank up the weight load and take the muscles to the max. Push hard, and then allow for plenty of rest. That's the way to beat the undertraining blues.

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Are You Undertraining

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