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Annoying Gym Guys

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/9/2018

The Most Annoying People in the Gym

There are different types of annoying people found at any gym, usually the difference between these annoying people will depend on the kind of gym you're at and the equipment and space they got to use it in. We will cover 5 different types of annoying people often found at any gym if you stay there long enough, but there are many other types.

1: The Misplaced Cross-Fitter Wannabe

You've no doubt seen these Cross-Fit experts doing burpees in front of the dumbbell rack preventing anyone else from easy access. Usually they're wearing tall socks with Reeboks and a blank expression on their face mindlessly doing rep after rep.

2: The Phone Zombie

Phone zombies are those people who end up sitting at a bench-press machine or squat rack for 15 minutes staring into that magical fairyland of their phone. This is all OK if you're sitting down logging your workout journal for a minute or two, but when the gym is busy the phone zombie are extremely annoying.

3: The Newbie Steroid User

The newbie steroid user wants to show the world his new found strength and muscle. Walking around with his elbows out, wearing a spaghetti tank top, he'll scream and shout with every rep they do - as if to say look at me, I'm on steroids you know!

Usually these guys don't last long and in the words of Christian Thibaudeau they got a "rented physique" because the newbie steroid users will more than likely drop out when their cycle ends and the real work starts. Building sustainable muscle means adhering to hard work over a long period of time.

4: Dumbbell Rack Blocker

Doing a movement like one-arm rows is great when you got space, but don't do a movement like that hanging onto the only dumbbell rack and thereby blocking any easy access to several sets of dumbbells for anyone else. It's selfish egocentric rudeness when done in a busy gym.

5: The Talker

If you make friends at any gym, you don't want to be "that guy." The guy who walks around the gym just wonders over to interrupt your workout to "chat" incessantly, bout nothing... except himself.

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