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Are Rest Days Really Necessary

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 9/5/2018

How Important are Rest Days for Building Muscle

For many lifters a day of rest may be hard to take. That's because there is the constant drive to be in the gym and be training hard. Yet the best studies show that more rest, not less, helps the growth process. So you want to err on the side of getting more rather than less rest.

Rest Days

What you do on rest days also matters. You want to get rest, but it's okay to get what is called "active rest". You can do some biking, some full body activities as long as they are not too intense. You want to get away from the intensity on your rest days. And your body can rest with active rest, in fact it is good for you. Active rest keeps the blood flowing at a good level.

Another good activity on a rest day that falls in line with active rest is to do some stretching. Easy stretches are the way to go and you can benefit your body while still keeping it in a resting mode.


One thing you can do on a rest day is to pump up your motivation for training and muscle growth. You can read muscle magazines and check out the web sites and You-tube videos on training and nutrition. This should get you all fired up and motivated to get back to work on a non-rest day.

Rest days are also a good time to go shopping and stock up on healthy food to give your body the nutrition it needs to grow from the training.

Rest days may seem like they hold you back, but you can use this time wisely to help promote your physique as well.

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