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Arm Building Secret

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/1/2018

The Real Secret to Arm Size

There are all sorts of claims for secrets to building arm size and most of them are bogus. But there really is one secret for stretching that tape further with your upper arms, a secret not many are aware of.

Yes, there really is a secret to building bigger arms. It is simple but often overlooked. That secret is to focus your training time on the triceps, not the biceps.


That's exactly backward from what most guys do. They place all their emphasis on the biceps and give the triceps the leftovers from the training time. And when the main muscle off the upper arm (and that is exactly what the triceps are) is given the leftovers, the arms don't grow much at all. Guys exacerbate the problem by doubling down on their biceps training, neglecting the triceps even more. So the problem just gets worse over time.

3 vs. 2

The answer to the problem is to reverse that situation, and give triceps more of the arm training time. And more than that - the triceps should be made a priority. Why? Because there is more muscle in the triceps area. It come down to simple numbers. Each triceps area has 3 muscles (tri) compared to the biceps with only 2 (bi). So it is only logical to hit the triceps with more training effort.


The triceps usually get the far end of a training routine, when the good energy and blood flow has evaporated. Big mistake. The triceps should get the front end of a routine, and be the main priority in arm training. Doing this loads the triceps up with quality training that will help them grow - big and strong.

Prioritizing triceps means more than just putting them first in workout order. It also means a change in attitude - changing from a biceps first approach to a triceps first approach. And, unless your biceps are below par, you stay with this approach. Triceps always come first.

Some guys may grumble about that, but if you are after a bigger arm measurement, if you really want to stretch the tape, then you have to put the triceps in the lead spot and do so consistently.

The sooner you make the big switch and put triceps as a priority, the sooner your arms will take off and make significant gains. If you want to stretch the tape with new muscle size in the arms, target your triceps.

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