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Arm Building Tips

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 6/15/2022

4 Tips for Building Bigger Arms

Everyone wants big biceps and huge triceps that stretch their shirtsleeves.

Big biceps and triceps are the show muscles.

You can proudly display them in tank tops and t-shirts.

Whenever someone is asked to flex, what do they flex?  Their bicep, of course.

If you're into building muscle, you want massive biceps and huge triceps hanging out of your t-shirt.

It's that simple. So why do so many guys struggle to build up their arm size?

Here are 4 bicep and tricep training mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Training the Arms Too Much

A huge mistake a lot of weight trainers make is to train the arms too much.This just causes over training and a lack of muscle growth.

The biceps and triceps work hard during back and chest exercises.

By doing a lot of sets just for the biceps and triceps you're blasting them into oblivion and not giving them a chance to recover and grow.

If they don't recover you can forget about growth.  No growth, no big arms.

2. Not Training Legs Hard Enough

Too many trainees either don't work their legs at all or just go through the motions with a few wimpy sets of leg presses or leg extensions.

Your arms are only going to grow so much out of proportion to the rest of your body.

If you only have 20 inch legs, you're never going to have20 inch arms. Or 17 inch arms for that matter.

If you want your biceps and triceps to grow, start squatting hard and heavy and get your legs growing, too.

3. Not Training Back Hard Enough

This goes with number three. Your back and legs make up a majority of your muscle mass on your body.

You need to work your back hard just like your legs.  And I don't mean doing a few sets of wimpy lat pulldowns.

You need to spend some time on real back exercises like:   

4. Training Biceps But Not Training Triceps

This is another mistake I see a lot of trainees make.

While guys want big arms, it's really the bicep that is the show muscle.

That's what people flex all the time.

But the tricep makes up about two thirds of the size of the upper arm.

Yes, close to 70% of your upper arm size is your tricep!

That's a lot of arm size you're leaving undeveloped if you focus mostly on bicep exercises.

Be sure and focus on tricep exercises as well.

Massive biceps are great but if you want massive arms you need to max out your tricep development.

Some great tricep exercises include:   

Remember, train your complete arm (bicep and tricep)hard but also smart.

Don't blast them into oblivion with an endless number of sets.

Add in some hard training for your legs and back and you're well on your way to larger arms.

When it comes to arm training these are a few crucial mistakes you need to avoid if you want massive biceps,huge triceps and big arms.

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