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     Fitness Tips For 5/8/2013

Barbells vs Dumbbells

There is no doubt that if you want to get the maximum gains from your
intense weight training workouts that you should use both dumbbells 
as well as barbells but there are some men who specifically prefer 
one or the other so we are going to be talking about the advantages 
of using each of these.

Dumbbells are better for beginners because when you are training with
dumbbells then you are forced to use the stabilizing muscles in or to 
stabilize the weight. When you are training with dumbbells the weight 
you're holding in each hand improves coordination and activates more 
muscle fibers over all.

It is for this reason that dumbbells are recommended for beginners 
and usually are the first pieces of free weight training that a good 
personal trainer will start with when demonstrating a movement to 
someone who has never done the exercise before, as doing it with 
dumbbells will improve your co-ordination when you do the same 
movement with a barbell later on.

Another big advantage of using dumbbells when training a beginner is 
that you will be able to even out any strength imbalances that the 
person might have and to begin to help to even out strength 
imbalances between limbs (this is a problem especially common in 

Dumbbells are also safer than a doing the same exercise with a 
barbell. Such as in the dumbbell bench press, if you fail to get 
back up to the top of the movement, you can just drop the dumbbells
rather than getting pinned under a heavy barbell.

There are also many advantages to using barbells such as they allow you 
use a much heavier weight. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended 
that you do your barbell exercises before you do dumbbell exercises for
the same muscle group.

Barbells are much better for working out your leg muscles. While, you 
of course can do dead lifts, squats, etc. using dumbbells, when you get
stronger and stronger the weight you can use will end up being too 
much to hold onto. Barbells allow you lift bigger weights much more 
comfortably and easily.

Barbells are an absolute must for explosive type exercises such as 
the clean and press. You will not be able to generate anywhere near 
as much power (strength plus speed) by using dumbbells.

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Barbells vs Dumbbells

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