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     Fitness Tips For 5/2/2012

Basic Home Workout Routine

By Patrick L. Deu Pree
Lifetime Bodybuilder

Don't have much time to workout? Need a good basic routine that will
hit the entire body in a minimum amount of time? 

Here is a routine that can be done with a minimum of equipment and 
will work the whole body in about twenty minutes a day. 

The equipment you will need, an adjustable bench and an adjustable 
dumbell set. 

This workout routine can be done right in your bedroom or in a corner
of your living room.
The routine:

    Dumbell Bench Press
    3x6-12 reps
    Dumbell Lunges
    3x15-20 reps
    Dumbell One Arm Row
    3x6-12 reps
This routine can be done two or three twice a week and should only 
take about twenty minutes. It hits basically the entire body. 

For instance, the dumbell bench press not only works the chest, it 
also gives the shoulders and triceps a workout as well. 

The lunges works the legs and also the hips and calves to an extant. 

The single dumbell row works lats and also give the forearms and 
biceps a workout. 

Remember, this is an abbreviated routine, it is not an advanced 
bodybuilding routine but if you have little time and need a
whole body workout this is the ticket. 

Equipment tip, buy a good bench and a set of selectorized POWER 
BLOCKS. This setup will last you a lifetime.

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Basic Home Workout Routine

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