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     Fitness Tips For 2/26/2014

Bench Press For Chest Mass

McClay's Bench Press Maneuver for Massive Chest Development Ollie McClay is known throughout the northwest for his smooth blend of jazz singing - and his huge muscles. Ollie has 20 plus inch arms and can bench press a heavy load even though he is in his 70's. His massive chest and super tiny waist make him stand out and one of his trademarks for bench pressing is to do so with your feet up. Most people plant their feet on the floor when bench pressing and then if the weight load is too much, they arch away and give the body an assist from their planted feet. This does two things that are negative - it leaves the low back open to a nasty injury, and it also is a form of cheating, as it off loads the weight from the chest onto the hips and legs. In turn it lessens the ability of the chest to grow as the more weight load the chest takes on, the better. Ollie puts his feet up (and crosses them at the ankle) when he bench presses. This forces the chest to do all the work in pure form. The feet up position is a great way to ensure that the form is right and the chest takes the primary mover role it should in lifting weights. Ollie makes those who he trains also "assume the position" of a feet up approach to moving the iron. Note - if you are just doing this for the first time, always have a spotter available. And Ollie always spots his trainees as they learn the nuances of correct form and get the balance right for this lift. There are a few times when you move the feet down and plant them one the floor, such as going for a maximum lift or in a competitive event. However, otherwise, Ollie's approach stands - get those feet up and let the chest muscles do all the work. After all, that is the aim of the bench press, to totally engage the upper torso muscles in general and the chest in specific to become larger and stronger. That won't happen if you are cheating with a boost from the hips and thighs. Once you start using Ollie's style of feet up training you become much more aware of the people who are arching their back when they lift - a large amount of people do so. By learning how to perform the feet up bench press you may have to lower the weight load initially but you will soon "get it" and the weight amount will go shooting back up. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Bench Press For Chest Mass

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