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     Fitness Tips For  12/9/2015

Benefits of the Bent Press

There are quite a few different types of press movements that can be performed and these don't even count the ones from the old school days. One of those types or presses is no longer performed, but it provides the body with a host of benefits. The exercise is the bent press. It builds both muscle and balance, and is also able to increase your mobility in the area of the thoracic spine region. The bent press requires a barbell with a tight pair of collars or a fixed dumbbell/barbell type of weight so that the ends of the weight is totally secure. You tilt the barbell upward, with one end on the floor, and one end overhead, then bend down and quickly tilt the weight back and up onto your shoulders. From here you bend sideways at the waist while shifting the bar into one hand (in the middle of the bar) and press the bar overhead, and then move to an upright position. Kettlebell Option If you don't want to go into the gyrations of the bent press with a big barbell then the kettlebell option may be best for you. For the kettlebell approach you heft a heavy kettlebell to your shoulder, with the heavy part of the bell on the backside of your shoulder (by your rear delt region). From here you bend to one side while extending the kettlebell straight up by extending your arm overhead, then finally you stand upright while keeping the kettlebell straight overhead. The bent press is tough but provides big benefits, including strength, movement and mobility. As such it is a super athletic movement and builds better athleticism into the body. It improves neuromuscular learning paths in the body. Consider adding this old but powerful move to your training routine. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Benefits of the Bent Press

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